MDBG Chinese Reader

MDBG Chinese Reader 6.4

Understand Chinese instantly by pointing your mouse at Chinese text
6.4.2 (See all)

MDBG Chinese Reader helps you to translate text in Chinese from WebPages, text editors, instant messaging windows, and so on. It has two operational modes: the Live scan and Lookup mode. Using the Live scan mode you hover the mouse over any Chinese symbol, and a window will automatically show the pictorial symbol and its respective translation into English. Also, if you select a text block the pop-up window will show all the corresponding symbols. To the right of the Chinese symbol the program displays a star, clicking on this star will add the symbol to your favorite words list. You can use the "Pin to desktop" feature to make the window always visible. The Lookup mode operates in two ways: You can type a word in English to obtain the translation into Chinese or you can paste any Chinese pictorial symbol in order to find its translation into English. Both the Live scan and Lookup modes can be executed at the same time. The favorite words list and the Lookup window can be accessed from the icon the program adds to the system tray.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can work on any application and place the mouse over any Chinese words and MDBG Chinese Reader will pop-up a window with its translation into English without interfering


  • Admittedly, this useful program translates any Chinese words over which the mouse is placed but may not be useful when an entire webpage is in Chinese
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